Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Profile :Lexus Company

Toyota launched its luxury brand Lexus in 1989 in the North American market shortly after rival Honda launched its Acura luxury brand in 1986. Two vehicles, the flagship LS and the (now entry level) ES composed the brand. Though panned by many critics for their styling (or lack of) and less-than-sporty feel when compared to German rivals, those same critics also praised the ES and LS' quality and engine power.

The public agreed with the latter assessment and the new marque, in 1991, became the top selling import luxury brand in the U.S. where it continues to dominate. Currently, Lexus consists of the IS sports sedan; the mid-sized ES; the higher-end GS; the LS flagship; and SC sports car. In 1997, Lexus debuts the RX SUV/crossover, considered one of the first—if not the first—luxury crossover. Later, it would release the mid-sized GX and full-sized LX crossovers.

All-new versions of the IS, ES, GS, and LS have gone on sale with the LS winning the 2007 World Car of the Year. A refreshed version of the LX recently debuted at the 2007 New York Auto Show. Besides the U.S., Lexus is also sold in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. In 2005, Toyota launched the Lexus brand at home in Japan for the first time to compete against "foreigners" as BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Lexus has announced that, as part of its expansion plans, it is looking into as yet unnamed seven-passenger crossover, a smaller SUV, and a hybrid-only vehicle.

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